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Van Buren Youth Camp has been known since 1950 for its successful residental summer camp programs for children and teens. These programs are designed to develop the leadership abilities of today’s youth — encouraging personal growth, self-confidence, positive relationships, and individual and group responsibility.

We serve young people eight to eighteen years of age. All children are welcome as campers. The Camp makes no distinction as to the gender, race, national origin, religious or cultural background or values of the campers served. Campers with physical limitations are welcome with the exception of those who are non-ambulatory (can't walk)— our facilities cannot accommodate these children. Campers are welcome from any geographic area or from any economic background.

Van Buren Youth Camp is a dream of providing a unique experience in living and fellowship. This dream was envisioned by a small group of leaders from all walks of life, on a cold fall day in 1950. The dream soon caught on as groups and individuals saw its value.

Year after year VBYC continues to foster life-changing and life-enriching experiences campers. This experience is made possible by the rich dedication of its counselors, staff and supporters, who are often former campers themselves.

Camp is a place free of many of the social divisions in society. We do activities together that any person can enjoy: playing games, coming up with a skit for the talent show, cleaning the cabin for inspection, singing songs at meals. This helps friendships form with ease. This transcends social cliques, economic background, what kind of music you listen to and many of the social divisions kids experience in school and social groups. This makes it easy for kids to become friends based on WHO you are. Friendships formed here often last a lifetime.

We are a residential Camp which specializes in recreational programs for youth. The program includes swimming, boating, canoeing, crafts, riflery, nature, archery, sports, initiatives, folk dancing and singing. The organization of leadership is decentralized in that areas of responsibility are assigned to Staff members and they in turn take charge of the program areas. Leadership is fostered through the involvement of a non-experienced person with a seasoned Staff member. Moreover, leadership is encouraged by allowing individuals to be responsible for certain tasks within the Camp program.

The Camp is licensed to serve 125 campers per week. The general camping season runs between ten and twelve weeks per summer.

The Camp is set in a wooded environment with cabins for sleeping facilities. We also have a main Lodge, kitchen, storage area, infirmary, crafthouse, boathouse, bathhouse, covered recreation area, theatrical stage, shop and living quarters for the Staff. The facilities, supporters, Board of Directors, Staff, Counselors and campers come together to create an excitingly unique experience.

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