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Outdoor Education Program

Program Philosophy

Van Buren Youth Camp offers a Fall and Spring Outdoor Education Program. Our experiential based curriculum is designed to enrich academic skills, places emphasis in natural science and the ecosystem, and affect student outcomes.

Outdoor Education

Our OEE experience is designed to encourage students to learn experientially through nature about their role as stewards to our earth, and about themselves, while living and working in a cooperative community. We have created a program that dovetails with Michigan Department of Education Grade Level Content Standards. 

The thrust of the Camp's philosophy is that Camp belongs to all who use it. That means that everyone becomes involved in camp in various ways – K.P, cabin clean up, keeping grounds clean, and becoming active participants in camp program.

Our Outdoor Environmental Education program is not just a camp session; it is an educational experience that offers important life lessons which extend beyond classroom walls.

Outdoor Education


The instructional staff at VBYC believes the environmental setting is a classroom where students can learn effective communication skill, critical thinking skills, coping skills and cooperation.   It is our mission to create a discovery based, hands-on learning experience, which is above all - FUN!  A camp representative will work together with teachers, students and parents to create a successful experience. 


Outdoor Education Outdoor Education Our classroom is 90 acres of natural resources:

All meals are served family style in the Washburn Lodge with two fireplaces it is an ideal spot for meetings and evening gatherings.


We are located in Bloomingdale, in Southwest Michigan, on Great Bear Lake, approximately 18 miles east of South Haven and 28 miles west of Kalamazoo. 

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Groups can reserve spots for September and April thru May.  To create an experience that is an extension or your classroom beliefs contact:

Dottie Myers-Hill
Director, VBYC
12370 45th Street
Bloomingdale, MI

Outdoor Education

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